Energy in Future  
Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bokelmann

Energy in Future - Dr.-Ing. Dieter Bokelmann - Energie in der Zukunft


The aim of the website is to inform about the state of implementation of CO2 neutrality World and Germany with regard to primary energy consumption and to prove this with facts.

Both the status of implementation and the sum of current activities worldwide are unfortunately absolutely disappointing. At the same time, we still have a maximum of one generation to generate our energy in a CO2-neutral way. The investments must be strongly pushed and organized and balanced across the world. Possible solutions are presented. 

Errors in calculations and assumptions can never be ruled out. I am grateful for any meaningful hint or contribution.

The fact that CO2 neutrality cannot be achieved in a short period of time without personal changes in our behavior does not contradict common sense.

Any unit of energy that is not consumed no longer needs to be made CO2-neutral. A reasonably increased price for energy must be acceptable. This also prevents or reduces expensive climate-related consequential damage for us and especially our children and grandchildren.

The introduction, summary and explanations are multilingual. The calculation tables are only in English, as most technically interested readers can also speak English and it would be too much effort to translate these tables also.

A short and understandable overview is given on the page "Solution".

In the end, I believe that we will not succeed in protecting the earth from a few degrees of heating with catastrophic consequences. The rapidly progressing climate change is based on the fact that we are all drug addicts. A drug addict is one who continues to use the drug knowing that he will get sick and may even die. But there is a difference to exemplary alcohol addiction or similar addiction of single individuals or the current consumption behavior of mankind including overpopulation. The alcoholic can decide for himself and feel success. The climate change can be fought only by a predominant totality of mankind, not by single individuals, if they cannot feel success by their behavior. On the one hand, many partially self-appointed leaders of countries behave like clowns. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of authoritative politicians are looking out for themselves and corruption is not a foreign word. Unfortunately, this is also true in Germany. I hope I am wrong. 

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